Retrospective 2015. The chronology of a fabulous year!
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Retrospective of 2015. The chronology of a fabulous year.

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12 Jan Retrospective of 2015. The chronology of a fabulous year.

Retrospective of 2015. Wow! How many things I have to say!

I share with you all the important moments in my career from the year ending. In order not to write a small novel and not to bore you, I thought to write down my thoughts, emotions and important moments in the form of a timeline. The chronology of my 2015, a fabulous year which promises an excellent 2016!

January 2015 – I began the year with a new collaboration along with Men Handball Team CSA Steaua Bucuresti. I could never break up with handball. It is my great love in sports field. Even more because I have also played handball for Steaua.

March 2015 – I started collaborating with “Camelia Potec” School of Swimming and Romania’s Swimming and Modern Pentathlon Federation. Through this collaborations I met interesting people and I increased my level of knowledge.

May 2015 – I participated, as a trainer, ar TRX Summit Romania 2015. More precisely, a meeting of all TRX trainers in Romania, meeting filled with fun, work, new information and techniques.

June 2015 – I have been named physical coach of the National Handball Teams working for the Romanian Handball Federation. By far, one of the greatest achievements in my career. In the picture you can find me together with Alexandru Dedu, president of FRH, a man to whom I can thank anytime for trusting me and for his devotion to Romanian handball.
– I continued the sports activities with children.
– I started a new series of conferences and seminars which I attended as a lecturer or speaker.

August 2015 – the first meeting with the National Handball Junior Team (physical training for the European Handball Championship in Macedonia).
– I worked with children in the Summer Camp at Stejarii Country Club.
– I had my first meeting with the Women National Handball Team, I organized physical tests and a seminar about sports nutrition.
– I received one of the most beautiful and inspirational messages in my career. From Alberto Castellani – one of my mentors and also one of the greatest tennis coaches in the world. I was surprised and, I admit, proud!

October 2015 – I took part, along with several colleagues from Stejarii, at Bucharest International Marathon. I ran so that sport can be accessible to all children, regardless of age, ethnicity or financial possibilities. More photos from the marathon can be found in my Facebook album here.
– I held the first presentation for FRNPM (Romania’s Swimming and Modern Pentathlon Federation ).
– I attended, in Italy, the IFAC (International Festival of Athletics Coaching). I had the opportunity to learn new things, to meet amazing people and I listened Marcelo Lippi – one of the greatest football coaches in the world.
– I went to training camp in Calarasi with the Men National Handball Team . More pictures of the boys during physical training sessions in training camp can be found in my Facebook album here.

November 2015 – I participated as speaker at the Conference of European Handball Federation. Most presentations, including mine, have considered the medical aspects of handball: injury, recovery, prevention. More pictures from the conference can be found in my Facebook album here.
– I graduated a kettlebell trainer course.
– I started working as a personal trainer of Horia Tecau – world champion and winner of the 2015 Champions Tour. Horia is a tremendous athlete : balanced, focused, involved. Our collaboration continues also in 2016 !
– I went with the National Women’s Handball Team at the preparation tournament in France, for the World Championship 2015. This is the beginning of a series of events that have definitely marked my career. All the pictures from the training camp, tournament and world championship can be found in my Facebook album here.

It is only now, writing to you, that I realize how many  significant things happened in November. Fantastic!

December 2015 – I celebrated 2 years of activity for Stejarii Country Club. 2 years of work and accumulated knowledge, good vibes, new friendships and awards.
– I enjoyed the most intense feelings lived in my career (so far, because nobody knows what will follow). The matches of the World Handball Championship 2015 made me reach unimagined levels of intensity and emotion with which I can live a handball match. There are so many things to say about what we lived there, about the atmosphere within the team, the things that motivated us and how I have worked with the girls. Maybe I will write an article only about what happened with me and with us as a team in Denmark. From the first training match to …

… December 20, 2015 – a day that I will never forget! The day when the team to which I belong became the 3rd best handball team in the world . The day we were put to the neck the bronze medal (although both I and many of you feel that the girls should have received the gold). You can watch here the moment I received the medal.

December 23, 2015 – I shook hands and I received the congratulations of Romania’s Prime Minister, Mr. Dacian Ciolos. I marked another outstanding moment for my career, another moment when my work acquires meaning and finality. I love what I do and I am happy to see that my work and great passion – the sport bring me the greatest satisfactions!

December 25, 2015 – I enjoyed a Christmas of superlatives: sunshine and warmth, a proud grandson, the whole family and an impressive gift next to me: my bronze medal from the world championship!

December 31, 2015 – of course I wasn’t able to sit and relax even in the last day of the year 🙂 I came to Stejarii and I closed the year working with world number 1 – Horia Tecau.

2015 Retrospective ends here. A whole year in images and texts that I now share with you. I look over the article and still I can’t believe it. There have been so many things, so important, I have lived all up to the max and still I want more. Because I know I can. I have always believed and I continue to believe in work, devotion, perseverance. Above all, I managed to give a new meaning to the word TEAM along with the World Championship. All these 4 make up what we all know as PERFORMANCE. Yes, you can succeed also alone, but not for long, and satisfaction is not as great. We are created to communicate, to work, to love, to dream. But not alone!

Thank you all for your support, for the good thoughts sent to me and the team when we needed and for all the nice messages I received on Facebook and on the phone. I wish you to be healthy, happy and never stop fighting for your dreams!

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