About me - Dragos Luscan
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About me

I am glad you are here.


I would be happy to know that you want to change your lifestyle and you need my help to learn how to live and think healthy. I am happy just as much if you check my website only to find more information about healthy eating, training, recovery or how to rediscover your mental and physical wellness.


About me I could tell you many things, because I could write dozens of stories from more than 15 years experience gained in the sports world. But I rather think you are interested in finding out, briefly, which is my professional path, which are the certifications that bring me in the position of wellness coach and, eventually, what can I do concretely for you to have a better life . As a matter of fact, this is my daily motivation and the main reason why I decided to have my own website.


You need to know about me that, for 10 years, I have played performance handball for teams HC Arges and CSA Steaua Bucuresti but, after two severe injuries, I decided to quit. Not the sports world also because from the status of handball player I went, in CSA Steaua Bucuresti Club, to the one of Physical Therapist for the Senior Water Polo Team and Physical Coach of Men’s Handball Team.


In 2013 I have joined the team of Stejarii Country Club as a Personal Trainer. In parallel I began the collaborations with „Ion Tiriac” Tennis Academy and „Camelia Potec” School of Swimming as a Physical Coach. Since June 2015 I am the Physical Coach of the National Handball Teams in the Romanian Handball Federation. 2015 is also the year that brought me the first private collaborations as a Wellness Coach.


The greatest satisfaction of my career (so far) is getting the bronze medal at the World Handball Championship in 2015 as a Physical Coach for Romania Women’s National Handball Team.


I enthusiastically participate, as a speaker, at various conferences in Romania and abroad and I bring a lot of passion in the presentations I conduct, as a lecturer, during seminars dedicated to athletes and people working in the world of sports.


Here are the activities, courses and certifications which consolidate my professional path:


  • Bachelor Degree in “Sport and motric performance” from UNEFS
  • Bachelor Degree in “Physical therapy and special motricity” from UNEFS
  • Bachelor Degree in ”Public administration” from UPIT
  • Masters in ”Nutrition and body shaping” from UNEFS
  • Post university certification of „Physical coach” from UNEFS


  • ”Trigger Point Performance Therapy” Master Trainer
  • ”TRX Suspension Training”, “TRX RIP Training” and “TRX Sports Medicine” Instructor
  • “Functional Movement System and Advanced Corrective Exercise” Instructor
  • ”Functional Patterns – Human Body Foundation” Instructor
  • Kettlebell Instructor
  • International Tennis Instructor certified by ATP
  • “Mental Coach” certification powered by GPTCA (Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association)
  • “Basic Life Support” certification from ACSH (American Council of Science and Health)
  • “Training The Athlete” certification by Modern Athletic Science
  • “Shoulder Rehabilitation” certification by Modern Athletic Science
  • Member of “European Athletics Coaches Association” and “ Global Professional Tennis Coach Association”


What can I really do for you? I can change your life for the better and I can bring your physical and mental strength at a level you didn’t think you can achieve! Everything is possible if you really want and you have patience, will and consistency in the work you do. As examples, besides me, stand dozens of people I work with for: improving posture and mobility, increasing physical strength, body reshaping and personal reinventing through customized wellness programs.


We can talk also on my Facebook Page Dragos Luscan Wellness Coach.


Follow my advice and become an example for the people around you!